Eye of the Storm

  Eye of the Storm is a puppet theater piece about isolation and the difficulties of trying to stay connected. In a world that is so isolated it has no technology except a flushing toilet, a set of neighbors struggles to survive on a shrinking island. A silent woman is trying to reach her son, her […]

Egg Noir

Egg Noir Egg Noir is an object theater piece theorizing about the course of human vision. A scientist who breeds egg heads, a machine who processes them into eye balls, and a poet in the desert who records the eye’s vision, are locked into a routine that produces a healthy eyeball. One day a bad […]


Grotesquo Grotesquo is the whimsical love story of Beauty and the Beast, leaving the audience puzzled as to who is the real beast. This is a ten minute puppet and movement piece without words, performed in the style of the silent movies. Ideal for performing in the street or during an event.


Sleepwalker Sleepwalker is Spybird’s collaboration with Luminz Dance Company. Puppets, shadows, dancers and actors tell the story of a sleepwalker who wakes to find her lover gone. Her surreal journey to find him unfolds in a world where dream and waking exist simultaneously. A huge swan shocks her into an unexpected transformation.

Sensational Prodigies!

Sensational Prodigies! Sensational Prodigies! A toy theater piece about the life and travels of General Tom Thumb who rose to fame under PT Barnum. This piece is like a children’s book in 14 chapters come to life, depicting animated images in New York, England, Japan, Benares and Egypt, as the Thumb Company tours their show […]