Egg Noir

In the bizarre world of “Egg Noir” a scientist breeds egg heads, a machine processes them into eyeballs, and a desert poet records the eye’s vision. These characters are locked into a routine that produces a healthy eyeball. One day a villain infiltrates this world and modifies one of the freshly hatched eggs in the beginning of the production chain. What used to be a flawless sequence of events becomes messy and the world of Egg Noir unravels, threatening to dissolve its inhabitants and their globe.




Eye of the Storm

On an eroding island four characters struggle to fulfill their dreams in the face of a big storm.





Performance in the window of Chashama Theater’s Oasis festival 2007. Written, directed and played by Jana Zeller, Aurora Corsano and John DiGeorge.





Theatrical performance combining dance, puppetry, physical theater and music. The story of a sleepwalker searching for her lover.