Eye of the Storm


Eye of the Storm is a puppet theater piece about isolation and the difficulties of trying to stay connected. In a world that is so isolated it has no technology except a flushing toilet, a set of neighbors struggles to survive on a shrinking island. A silent woman is trying to reach her son, her loud neighbors are trying to leave their shack, and they all are trying to hang on as an increasingly heavy storm destroys their surroundings. Told with rod puppets, hand puppets, shadows and original music, “Eye of the Storm” unfolds a bizarre and visually stunning world using hardly any language. This piece is appropriate for adults and youth ages ten and up.


“Puppets achieve touching intimacy…in Spybird’s capable and imaginative hands. Spybird Theaters work…with imagination its greatest quality…drew the audience in with its intimate humanity – including plenty of humor. This is a young company to watch.”


– Jim Lowe, The Rutland Herald


“As we watch,the land erodes before our very eyes, thanks to ingeniously hidden strings…”


-Peter Lewis, PuppetMaster published by the NY Puppetry Guild



Maximum audience: 200
Age Range: 10 years old and up
Set up: 6 hours / Take down: 2 hours
Performance Space: 20’ wide , 16’ deep. Overhead clearance of at least ten (10) feet is necessary. The show utilizes a backcloth/projection surface that hangs approx. twelve (12) feet upstage of the plaster line. 4’ Wing space is necessary for prop storage.
Stage Lighting: We require a minimal repertory plot and approximately twelve specials. The show utilizes an opaque projector behind the backdrop, and requires an AC circuit upstage.