We offer a variety of workshops for children and adults. Each session can be modeled in length and depth to the needs of your classroom or your event. Budgets are available upon request.

Children 4th – 6th Grade: Rod puppet/ Marionette

In this workshop, each child will create a simple marionette or a simple rod puppet. Next we will paint the sets and props. In preparation for our show, we will work on simple manipulation techniques, memorize lines and work on speaking loudly and clearly. We will play theater games that inspire the group to work as an ensemble. There will be a final presentation of our show. Stories available are: Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Three Little Pigs, and Let’s go the Circus! We will need a minimum of 8 one-hour sessions. Depending on the size of the class, this workshop requires a fair amount of teacher participation and the help of assistants. Children may take their puppets home in the end.

Children 4th – 6th Grade: Shadow puppet

This is a production of the play ‘Prince and Princess’ by Michel Ocelot, utilizing puppets and a little theater that is already made. We will work on shadow manipulation techniques, memorize lines, work on articulating loudly and clearly, and play theater games that emphasize our work as an ensemble. We will use instruments and sound effects to support the action of the piece. There will be a final presentation of our show. In the end, children may take home an instructional booklet on how to create their own shadow puppet theater. This workshop can accommodate 10 participants.

Adults: Object Theater

This workshop is designed for any adult who is interested in the art of performing with objects on stage. We will present objects and explore their natural properties. The discussion is: what is the difference between all the things you can do with an object, and what is the essential drama of the object? Through playing, improvising, and doing exercises, participants will explore what an object can do, and in what context it can do it. When we find the action that draws out the natural property of the object we will raise the stakes. Participants will put the object in an action or a context that challenges its properties and discuss the metaphors inherent in this tension. By the end, everyone will create a small piece.